The Quartet That Changed It All

November 14, 2016 Robert Zaller 0

I’d have given one big chaw of tobacco to have been present when Beethoven’s Rasumovsky Quartets got their first hearing. A contemporary reviewer described them thusly: “The composition is profound [and] the construction excellent, but [ Read Article ]


Who I Voted For, and Why

November 10, 2016 Robert Zaller 0

I haven’t yet cast my ballots in this year’s election, but I will, and here’s who I’ll have voted for: For president, I will choose Bill McKibben, environmental activist and organizer of the climate change [ Read Article ]


Edgar and Clyde: A Love Story

October 15, 2016 Robert Zaller 0

Clint Eastwood is nothing if not unpredictable. His latest film, J. Edgar, is an old-fashioned Hollywood biopic shot at a leisured pace—two hours and seventeen minutes—with polished production values and meticulous attention to period detail. [ Read Article ]

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